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J&F Group was born in a family of ceramic production factory, J&F group had 20 years history since 1993, now, we have three production bases, our factory covers 300000 sqms.

With farsighted
and pioneering spirit

ITACC,a newly brand under J&F group, who set its eyes not only on foreign but also domestic ceramic market, will focus more on bathroom and kitchen ceramic design so as to bring customer a new enhanced experience in bathroom and kitchen decoration.
Inherited the J&F down-to-earth and enterprising spirit ,ITACC, with its original-design,diversified-choice,enhanced-efficiency and integrated production-and-sales concept, will continue lay stress on product and market developing . In this way,we hope we can bring new housing elements ,elegant western living style of life and classic ceramic culture to Chinese customer so as to give customer a more comfortable,fashionable and elegant home.

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意达卡是J&F GROUP锦芳集团旗下的一个新晋品牌,主要服务于国内外建陶市场,品牌产品定位于专注缔造厨卫空间的装饰应用。 一脉同源,意达卡品牌隶属于J&F GROUP锦芳集团旗下,将秉承集团求真务实的实业精神,以原创设计、多元化品种、更新效率、产销一体的经营理念,把集团实力资源表现在产品研发及市场拓展上,我们有这份强大的企业能力和责任把我们的?#21496;?#31354;间理念带向国内的精英阶层并致力将西方的优质生活元素和陶瓷文化奉献给中国消费者,帮助国人构建品?#39318;?#32477;,优雅时尚的生活空间!


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